Monday, September 29, 2014

31DC2014: Day 29 - Inspired By The Supernatural

We're almost there! Only two prompts left after this one and the challenge is officially over for me. I can't wait to give my nails a week long break filled with moisturiser and a good strengthener! They deserve it. But for now, onto today's post!

I wasn't very excited about today's prompt, I never know what to do for this one because I'm not a massive fan of supernatural things with the exception of True Blood and Harry Potter and whatever I searched for inspiration today just came up with the show Supernatural. I did once go through a phase where I watched Ghost Lab a lot before it freaked me out too much and I stopped haha. But apart from that I'm not that big on supernatural themed things.

So today I went for something simple and what I tried to do last year but failed: vampire fangs. Turns out they're pretty easy and I have no idea what 2013 me was thinking when I couldn't do it.

I don't hate these nails, but I don't love them either. They're okay. The base is Twilight Rays by Maybelline Color Show. It has a bunch of gold flecks throughout it and I thought it'd be a good base for this theme (come to think of it, I probably used this one for last year's supernatural nails too).

The teeth look kind of weird I think, like creepy fingers, but I'm sure everyone can still tell what they are!

Only two more days to go! I have a feeling tomorrow's post won't be up till Wednesday though. Thanks for reading!

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