Sunday, September 07, 2014

31DC2014: Day 7 - Black and White

Hi everybody! Today's prompt is black and white. I have to admit I struggled a bit to come up with an idea, but I settled on something I haven't really done much of before, which has been a recurring theme for these past few days, but that's a good thing!

I had planned to place studs at the point of the triangle too, but they just didn't look right. For some reason I have a lot of trouble incorporating studs into designs, they're just not my thing!

I used two Ulta3 polishes for this, Lily White and Black Satin. My new favourite basics, and as someone who does A LOT of designs with a white base, I can never have enough white polishes that I love!

That's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this simple mani. I quite like it. Tomorrow's prompt is Metallic and I am definitely not looking forward to it as I hate metallic polish with a passion. I think it looks funny on me, but we'll see if I can get away with using as little metallic polish as possible.

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