Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fan Brush Nail Art Inspired By The Nailasaurus

It's definitely been a while since I've done a proper post of some nail art but I'm back today with a design inspired by Sammy of The Nailasaurus who I've followed for years and am always in awe of because she produces such awesome nail art all the time.

I tried this method a while ago when I first got into nail art but it was not successful at all and I can't remember why but I managed to create something pretty cool this time around! I used one of the simple fan brushes that you get in pretty much every nail art brush set like this one here

The polishes I used were:
Snow Me White - Sinful Colors
Mojito - Ulta3
Avenue Maintain - Essie
Purple Pumps - Ulta3

I really enjoy how it turned out, it reminds me of the dry brush method, which I guess it's a variation of really. And I'm very happy with the colours I chose too!

- Melissa

Friday, April 03, 2015

March Round Up

Here are my recent nail art designs from the month of March!

My favourite thing about all these designs is that you can see how much my nails have grown this past month! Hopefully I can keep them at this length and continue to see them grow even more in April.

Which designs would you like to see more of this month? Or any tutorials? Let me know!

- Melissa.

Floral Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

Today I have my final review of the products I was sent by Born Pretty Store. This time it's these lovely floral french mani water decals which cost $2.63AUD for 1 sheet of 14 decals. I got a bit excited to test these out so I completely forgot to take photos of the process but if you check out this post I tell you there how to apply water decals.

I was going to use a base colour but couldn't find one that worked well with it so I went with the traditional natural base. The decals were easy to apply and even though they were a bit too long for my nails they were very easy to shorten, all I did to achieve that was while the decal was still wet I bent the excess over the free edge of my nail to let it dry and once dried, I used acetone on a small brush to dissolve the excess and smooth the edge out. And because they're so thin you can easily reshape them on your actual nails too.

Once dry all you need to do is top coat your nails and they'll last for several days. They're easy to remove as well, all you do is remove them as you would normal nail polish!

I love how these look and I think I want more french mani decals because they're gorgeous and so easy to use. I'm not even a big floral person but I absolutely love the design on these! These are definitely my favourite of the four nail art products I received.

If you want some nails that stand out but don't want to put a lot of effort into them then definitely get these, so quick, easy and very pretty.

Don't forget if you do purchase anything to use the code MEPUK31 for 10% off the Born Pretty Store website.

Thanks for reading!