Saturday, June 04, 2016

A Little Update...

As some of you may have noticed (or none of you), I'm no longer active on this blog. The reason for that is it wasn't gaining many views no matter how much I posted and I've been stuck on the same amount of followers for well over a year. Therefore I've put all my effort into posting more on Instagram, where you can follow me here

I felt like I was writing blog posts to no one and I just wasn't doing my nails anymore because I wasn't motivated to actually blog about them. I'm enjoying nail art a lot more now because of my decision to stop blogging. Basically, my blog is inactive for now. Maybe I'll start posting again one day, maybe I'll want to review something that requires a more in depth description, but for now I'm only posting on Instagram and Facebook. I'm having a lot more fun and if you aren't following me on either of those, you should be now!

Thanks to those few that have followed this blog for a while, I appreciate it greatly!

- Melissa.