Sunday, September 28, 2014

31DC2014: Day 27 - Inspired By Artwork

Hello lovelies! I'm feeling a lot better today compared to yesterday; still a day behind on the challenge but hopefully I'll catch up today. There's not long left though which I'm very relieved about. It's been a very busy month for me with the challenge, a weekend away, working a lot, getting sick etc.

Today my post is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone. I am a huge fan of Vincent Van Gogh and I don't think there's an artwork of his that I don't like. I first learnt about him in primary school and he inspired me to want to be an artist, unfortunately, even after a few art classes, I just felt that I wasn't that great at it and I gave up the dream. But now, being a nail art blogger, I guess I've taken up that dream again and just put a little twist on it.

I think I really challenged myself this year with today's prompt, considering last year I did something that was very easy to me. This design still is a quite simple one, but it was a lot harder to get the colours and texture right. I'm very happy with how it turned out, it's a simplified version of the painting, but it still looks quite lovely.

I can't wait till I have my own place and can fill it with my favourite Van Gogh artworks! Maybe in next years challenge I'll tackle The Starry Night or one of his self portraits. 

Thanks for reading!

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