Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NYE Glitter Gradient

Hey everybody, I didn't do any Christmas nail art this year, so I thought to round off the year, I'd actually do a blog post on some simple New Year's Eve nails. Honestly, these can be worn any time of the year, but since it's that time of the year, I thought I'd just call them NYE nails!

I really like glitter gradients, and I'd been seeing quite a few around on Instagram, but I don't own a lot of glitter polishes that can be used for a gradient. Then I remembered I had this very old polish from a brand called Savvy, it used to be one of my favourites when I was just getting into nail polish and nail art around three or so years ago. I'd forgotten how much I loved it till I started sponging it on. It's absolutely packed with glitters and the base is a slightly dark blue so when built up with a few coats it becomes pretty opaque on it's own or it's even better with a dark blue polish as a base.

I chose to keep it simple, using only this polish with nothing else except for a clear base coat to protect my nails and make it last longer. The part of my nail that's packed with glitter took maybe two or three coats with a sponge and some smart glitter placement to get it that covered. I love how it's turned out and I think it looks even better with my longer nails than it would if they were shorter.

That's it for tonight's post, which also makes this my last post of the year! I've ordered a bunch of new nail art supplies so I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with nail art next year and hopefully more time and motivation to do them so stay tuned for a bunch of cool stuff in 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

- Melissa.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Floral Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

Today's review is on these gorgeous water decals from Born Pretty Store! The pack come with two different designs, so you've got a bit of choice on which decals you might want to wear or incorporate into your nail art! 

I chose to use to purple geometric looking decals but only apply them to two nails as I wanted them to be a feature and not the whole design. But I also didn't want the other two nails to overtake the decals so I chose to pair them with Ulta3's Losta Fun which I think matched them quite well!

I used a white base under the decals as the non-coloured parts were clear and I wanted them to stand out on my nail. They were slightly difficult to apply though and it took me three tries to get a decal on my ring finger because it kept folding in on itself or not sitting straight on the nail and just all around wasn't working. I had no problem with the middle finger though! That one went on easily and it's my favourite design of the whole thing.

I really do love these decals, I wore them for about a week with only slight tip wear which is normal, and they were easy to remove with polish remover just like normal nail polish! As with the previous decals I posted about, they can be cut to the size of your nail or you can easily clean up the excess around the cuticles with some acetone.

Don't forget you can use my 10% discount code: MEPUK31 at checkout!

Thanks for reading.

- Melissa.