Saturday, September 20, 2014

31DC2014: Day 20 - Water Marble

Hey lovelies! As you can guess, I looove water marbling so I was very pleased with today's prompt and knew it'd be a breeze. It didn't even take me a lot of time to pick polishes either. I used three Essie polishes because they work best for me even if they are a little bit older, as long as they aren't thick or slightly gloopy, they'll work.

The polishes were:
Devil's Advocate
Peach Daiquiri
Mojito Madness 

They make a lovely combination and I'm so very happy with how they turned out. Although I don't know what's going on with the bottom of my ring and middle finger nails, I think the tape pulled the design a bit, but despite that it's one of my best yet, I also branched out and used three colours which isn't something I tend to do when I water marble.

I could do water marbling forever and always be so happy with the result. I think I need more Essie polishes to do more combinations!

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