Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31DC2014: Day 30 - Inspired By A Tutorial

Hi everyone, here's the second last post for the challenge! I'm pretty over it and briefly considered not even doing the last two, but I powered through two manis this afternoon because why give up now?!

Today I was inspired by this tutorial from Nailed It NZ (Jessie), who is super talented and very good at what she does. She's also inspiring because she's turned her hobby into her career and it's been fun to be a part of and watch her progress through her blog.

I chose the mini strawberry tutorial because it seemed like something I could do in about twenty minutes, and it was! I knocked these out in about that time, maybe less. They were super easy and even though I had trouble with the placement on some nails, I think they're pretty okay! They could be better, but I'm happy with how cute they look.

I used White On - Sally Hansen as a base, Scarlet - Ulta3 for the strawberries, Sheer Peach - W7 for the little seeds and Don't Mess With OPI - OPI for the leaves.

The more I look at them, the more some of them look like carrots haha, they're too triangle shaped! But still cute.

Thanks for reading!

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