Saturday, September 06, 2014

31DC2014: Day 6 - Violet

Hello there! Today I have violet/purple themed nails to show you. When I started these nails I genuinely had no plan for them so I didn't know how they would turn out. I knew I wanted to use striping tape, I just didn't know how. But they turned out pretty cool I think, very geometric and random. I've never done nails these either, so it's a bit fun to try something new.

I used three different purples from Ulta3: Spring Fever, Palette Play and Lilac Bloom.

(Please excuse my already messy cuticles, I haven't had time to properly maintain them this week)

So there you have it! Some random purple geometric nails. I really do like how they turned out, even if it was a slightly tedious process. It was nice to use striping tape again as it had been a while!


  1. Gorgeous manicure, I like what you chose to do for the violet day! This is such a beautifully thought out manicure, the colours look great together :) xx


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