Thursday, September 18, 2014

31DC2014: Day 18 - Half Moons

Hey everyone! Today's prompt was very frustrating for me, the design I have to show you was the second design I did because the first one just didn't turn out well and couldn't be photographed properly. But you're lucky because I was just going to redo it in the morning and post two prompts tomorrow, but I sucked it up and quickly did this one for the challenge.

I used two Essie polishes: E-Nuf Is E-Nuf and After School Boy Blazer. The glitter is from the Brocades collection from Maybelline Color Show, I can't remember the name right now as I'm not near the polish but it's a very lovely glitter that's mostly silver but in the right light you can see tiny fine specks of gold and I didn't expect that because I'd never used the polish before, I thought it was the exact same as their Silver Gleam polish from the Sequins collection but I was very wrong! 

I freehanded the half moons and they're not the best but I had nothing else that worked as well as freehanding them did, so I just went with it. 

That's all for today! Kind of feels like a bit of a fail but I know it's not haha. Tomorrow is galaxies and I'm hoping I can do something amazing.

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