Saturday, September 07, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 7 - Black & White

Today's prompt is black and white and I am so in love with this simple design I did! I've never done this design before and I can't understand why because it's so perfect and would be great for any occasion and any outfit. I need to do this design more often and try out different colours. It's obviously like a French manicure, but more exciting haha. I did my thumb differently just for a bit of fun because I ordered a packet of the moustaches from the Born Pretty Store when I got my Spongebob decals so I thought I'd try them out too. I added the eyes and eyebrows because I placed the moustache a bit too low and it looked like it needed a face.

I didn't top coat the thumb because I was worried the eyes would drag. The white is My Boyfriend Scales Walls - O.P.I (I have such a love/hate relationship with white polish, I love wearing it but I hate how streaky it can get while trying to make it opaque), and the black is Blackmail - Australis.

I don't want to take this design off, especially since tomorrow is metallic and I dislike metallic nail polish, but we'll see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully my design makes me happy enough.

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