Tuesday, September 17, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 17 - Glitter

Today is an easy day, so there isn't much to talk about in the way of technique or method. My base is two coats of Irish Coffee - Savvy by DB, the glitter on all my nails is Disco Ball - Sally Hansen and the extra glitter top coat on my ring finger is Dancing Queen - Face of Australia (part of their Glitterati collection).

I must admit that the base colour looked more gray than brown when I put the glitter on it. It was weird how it transformed from a nice brown to gray. I do love gray polish though, so I have no problem with it but I wish it had stayed brown. Or maybe I was just looking at it in the wrong light? It's not sunny at all in Melbourne right now, so it was hard to capture the colour. My cuticles are looking worse each day no matter how much I moisturise them. I think when the challenge is done I'll have to give my nails a rest.

Tomorrow is half moons, I haven't done them for a long time so I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Nice mani (; I agree painting everyday is so tedious. I am having long break after the challenge is over (:


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