Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Polka Dots

Today was quite an easy day, I tend to do a lot of dotted designs but since I've been doing quite bright colours in the last few designs I wanted to start with a black base and have pastels dots. It didn't work out entirely to plan but I still like it a lot and I'm glad I didn't chose a white base with bright colours as I was originally going to.

These photos were also so hard to take and edit because it's not a very bright day and I feel like pastel is hard to capture on an overcast day. But in saying that, the only real difference between the photos and real life is in the photos, you can't see exactly how minty green the smaller dots are. I also did two layers of the pink because that was very light against the black and not at all opaque enough. I don't know I feel about these photos but I really can't photograph them better than this or even edit them properly because nothing was making the colours show better.

Anyway, the black base is Blackmail - Australis, the pink dots are Kiss on the Chic - O.P.I and the smaller mint dots are Mint Julep - Savvy by DB (if you can't already tell I own quite a few Savvy polishes, they are what I have most of in my whole collection.

I am quite happy with this mani, I just wish it looked as good in the photos as it does on my nails. Does anyone have any tips for taking photos/editing? I thought I was doing okay up until today.

Tomorrow's prompt is stripes and I don't have a plan yet but I'm hoping it'll be an easy day.

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