Saturday, September 14, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 14 - Flowers

Today's prompt is flowers! As you can see below I did two versions of flowers on my nails. I was excited for today, even though I was also slightly nervous because I've never successfully done a floral design before. I watched numerous tutorials on how to do them, I'm talking too many to list because I can barely remember, they've all blurred into one at this point.

But I took all this information on board and began to do a classic rose look. As you can see, I completed this design (not very successfully) on my ring and thumb nails. I asked my brother whether they looked like flowers and he said they looked a bit like cupcakes. Either way, I'm a little bit pleased with my how my first go went, I did mess up a little bit but the top coat smoothed all that out for me. I also attempted this design on my middle finger, because initially I was only going to do a design on those three fingers, but whilst adding the dark purple outlines, I accidentally scratched the nail with my other hand and I sort of threw my dotting tool down and got pretty annoyed because I was seriously hoping I wouldn't have to redo any nails. 

At this point I decided to also throw in some more simpler pink daisy-like flowers on the other fingers while I repainted the base colour. Overall I'm quite happy with it even if it does look like a first try. But hey, practice makes perfect and I now feel more comfortable doing flowers.

(Side note: I'm noticing my editing skills are varying from photo to photo and it's so frustrating so excuse the inconsistency. Also my thumb cuticle is horrible right now because I slammed that finger in a door a month ago, right on the cuticle and it's still too tender to push back properly. I'm scared the nail is going to fall off.)

The base colour is what I used for my leopard print dots yesterday, Sheer Peach - W7, the light purple is Time Out - Sugar Baby, the dark purple is No. 16 - Miki (I think? I don't know well known this brand is) the green leaves are Sky High - Rimmel, the pink is Pink Peony - Ulta3 and the yellow is Frangipani - Ulta3. I top-coated it with Seche Vite because I'm trying to get used to using it again, I know it's quite popular but I'm still not a massive fan of it.

I know this was quite a wordy post but I had to explain it all. Tomorrow is delicate print, so watch me struggle with that! Maybe I can try stamping again? Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!

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  1. Oh! The pink flowers are so cute, reminds me of spring :)


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