Thursday, September 05, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 5 - Blue

Clouds! As I said yesterday, blue is my favourite colour and a few years ago my room was painted blue and I had full intentions of painting clouds onto them but I just couldn't see it working out, so here's some clouds on my blue nails.

I painted my nails with two coats of Models Own - Feeling Blue (I only have four Models Own polishes from when they're shipping to Australia wasn't the approximate $60 dollars it is now so I might never have anymore even though they're quite decent). I then used a dotting tool to make cloud-like shapes and while it was still wet, dropped some white flocking powder on it using tweezers. I wasn't going to use flocking powder until I realised it'd make them look fluffy like real clouds, so I'm happy with my choice.

I'm finally happy with one of the designs I've done so far in the challenge. I knew blue wouldn't let me down!

I will admit though, it did take me a few goes to get the cloud shape right, that's why there's only one on the ring finger because it was the second one after the thumb (which I didn't even take a photo of, oops).

Tomorrow is purple and I have a good feeling about that colour too!

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