Thursday, September 12, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 12 - Stripes

Today was a good nail day! I stuck with some simple stripes using striping tape and I chose to do only use three strips on each nail so that there were different sizes and stripe thickness. I had a bit of trouble picking colours because I always struggle to pick colours that work well together but I think I did a really good job with this one. They're quite fun and I think this mani would look great in summer!

The yellow is Unicorn - Sinful Colors and the coral is Instyle Coral - Rimmel.

I had a little mishap when taking the tape off of my ring finger and the polish ran onto the yellow a bit but it's nothing major and I'm still really happy with it.

Not much else to say about these because I'm happy with them and it was easy to do. Tomorrow's prompt is animal print and I'll most likely be doing leopard print because it's the only animal print I can do, plus I've never actually worn it on my nails, only practised on fake nails, because I'm not a massive fan of it, but I'm hoping I can make it look better than I think it is.

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