Monday, September 23, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Day 23 - Inspired By A Movie (Wreck-It Ralph)

I had no idea what movie I wanted to do today, and as I didn't have my hard drive with me I couldn't browse through my movies to get an idea. So I ended up thinking about what movie I've watched most this year and straight away I thought of Wreck-It Ralph. I absolutely love that movie, it makes me so happy and I can't explain why, it just does. Then I got to thinking about what type of designs I could and because I didn't have the movie with me, I had to google some screencaps to get an idea. I settled on three designs.

On my thumb and ring nail I used Bad Anon - Gloss 'N Sparkle (from the August Wreck-It Ralph themed What's In-die Box?)

My index nail is based on Turbo, a character who leaves his game and when Ralph also leaves his game others ask if he's 'going Turbo'. I used three coats of MBSW - O.P.I and the red is Pillar Box Red - W7, I painted the T using the brush from the bottle instead of taping it all out.

My middle finger was a doozy, I originally wanted to do pink and white diagonal stripes like the tree Ralph and Vanellope climb when Ralph first goes into the Sugar Rush game. All was going well until I pulled off the second last bit of tape and with game the white polish. Which I don't understand because I had painted the base last night to avoid the polish being pulled up haha. So I started again and didn't want to risk it, so I simply did a pink dotted design to sort of represent Sugar Rush. The pink is Pink Peony - Ulta3.
And my pinky is of course the medal that Ralph gets and Vanellope goes on to take the medal and use in her own game. The gold is Glitz - Orly and the blue is Cool Cat - Sugar Baby.

So they are my Wreck-It Ralph nails and I'm quite pleased with them, I just wish my middle finger had worked out the way it should have! See you all tomorrow with nails inspired by a book!


  1. awhh i love this movie!! It was the cutest thing lol

  2. the gloss and sparkle glitter is incredible! have not seen wreck-it ralph yet though!!


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