Monday, October 27, 2014

Dry Marble Nail Art - Inspired By...

Hi everybody! Tonight's post is all about some dry drag marble nail art, or whatever the technique is actually called. I've watched a bunch of tutorials on this technique ever since I started getting into nail art so I can't link any particular but there are heaps of good ones out there if you want to try this out, and it's A LOT simpler than water marbling.

These nails were inspired by a dress I wore for my sister's hens night this past weekend. I bought this dress weeks ago and straight away knew what nails I wanted to do to match them and they turned out really well so I was very happy!

I used a base of After School Boy Blazer by Essie and then missed Butler Please by Essie and White On by Sally Hansen for the dragging. It turned out really cool, don't you think?

And here's a photo of the dress, which came from popcherry, and me in the dress (just incase any of you were wondering what I looked like).

The nails match pretty well, right?

That's all for tonight! I'm still wearing these nails two days later because I really enjoy them! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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