Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pretty Woman Gelogic Top Coat Review

As I said yesterday, I recently got some polishes in mine and my mum's bellabox that claim to be as good as gel polish, just without UV or LED lights to help cure them! I've never tried a polish that claims this and I've never really had a desire to either. But I was curious.

I tend to stick to the same top coat, which you should all know by now what it is, but I was willing to give this top coat a try and I thought it'd be a great idea to review it for you all!

I used the Gelogic top coat with Lilac Bloom by Ulta3, an amazing soft lilac polish; the photos below don't even do it justice. It just felt so nice to have all my nails painted one solid colour and you can never go wrong with lilac.

What they say: (copy and pasted from here)
Rich, luxurious, professional salon style polish. Dries quickly and easily, without a UV or LED light. A revolutionary new formula, Gelogic® provides a gleaming, ultra glossy, gel look. Self-leveling and plumping, gelogic® provides a smooth, high quality finish. Chip resistant and long-wearing.

What I say:
There are good points and bad points to this polish. Firstly, the good stuff. It applied very smoothly and application was super easy. It definitely is self-levelling as it smoothed out a few bumps. It dried super quick too which I wasn't expecting; drying time was on par with Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen and Seche Vite. So I was very pleased with that because once I've top coated, that's it, it's go time and I suddenly have no patience left for my nails even if I've been doing them for an hour or more before that. And it was so shiny! So damn freakin' shiny. I couldn't stop staring at them, they looked so lovely.

And now, unfortunately, the bad points. As you'll see in the photo below it chipped quite badly, I wouldn't even call what happened on my index finger as chipping because a lot has come off. I painted my nails early Sunday evening and by the time I was ready for work the next morning they had already very slightly chipped at my index finger's corner. So I was a bit annoyed, but I sort of expected that as my index finger is the first to crumble. Especially these days since my nails have been so brittle. But still, it shouldn't have come off so quickly. As the day progressed they got worse though. My job calls for a lot of typing, so five and a half hours of typing was never going to be good for my nails, especially when I type fast and hard sometimes. The photo below is after two days at work, which is a lot of typing. I also did my best not to pick at my nails because I wanted them to only be chipped due to natural causes, not me picking at them.

Excuse the photo quality differences, they were taken on different days at different times. 

You can see the polish chipped on all my nails except the pinky, but that doesn't matter because does the pinky nail ever chip? I don't think so. 

So as you can tell, I'm unsure about the Gelogic top coat. It gives an amazing shine and quality finish, but if it chips after only one day, how reliable is it? It's possible it chipped mostly because I didn't use the same brand of polish underneath it, so I'll have to test that out too before I can decide whether I love or hate it. It may become to top coat I use just for blogging quick nail art or nail art I do purely for this blog (which usually means I don't paint my right hand nails).

For now I'm undecided, but if you'd like to try it out, you can buy it here where they also have a few colours. I'm unsure where else might sell it as my search didn't result in a lot of websites or options for it.

Thanks for reading!

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