Wednesday, September 09, 2015

31DC2015: Day 9 - Rainbow

Today's prompt is one of my favourites because it's such a fun one and it's always so bright and colourful and you can do a lot with so many colours! Last year's design from this prompt was one of my absolute favourites of the year so I knew I definitely wouldn't be able to top it. So I did a simple sponged mani with all the rainbow colours and tried my best to fit them all on my little nails!

All polishes I used were from Ulta3 and they are, in rainbow order, Pink Colada, Tangelo, Frangipani, Mojito, Blue Marlin, Spring Break.

While it didn't turn out the best because my nails are so short that I couldn't get all the colours on each one, it still fits the prompt and is very rainbow-y!

- Melissa.

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