Tuesday, September 15, 2015

31DC2015: Day 15 - Delicate

Today's prompt is another one that I'm not too fond of! I am no good at delicate designs and in the past two years I've always just done a variation of a French manicure. But this year I had zero ideas so I sat down and ended up with the mani below. I used some glitter, some dots and even did a border!

The base is Peach Bloom and the glitter is Orchid Bouquet both by Maybelline Color Show. It's a really lovely glitter top coat that I did one layer of and then sponged on the rest to get a lot on my nail without making it too thick! The purple border was done using the purple striper from Ulta3. I was going to do dots all over the nail but when I did the first two I thought that looked a lot nicer than doing them all over the nail.

I don't know whether this is very delicate but it's minimal and simple and I guess that's the same thing!

- Melissa.

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