Monday, December 01, 2014

November BellaBox Review

Hi everyone! As it's end of November/start of December, I'm posting my monthly bellabox review. I received mine a few weeks ago, (I was in the first shipment I believe) but I've been a bit lazy with blogging and haven't gotten around to making this post until now! So let's get into it!

This month's theme was Dusk till Dawn which I guess means making it to the morning after a night out? I'm not sure but the items were pretty spot on if that's the theme. I never saw the blog post for their theme reveal so I'm a bit out of the loop!

Anyway, I enjoyed this month's box so let's have a look at the items!

  1. Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Sampler (Full Palette RRP: $34.00) - This was a cute little quad sampler for the full 20 eyeshadow palette from Coastal Scents. I've seen this palette before on various YouTube tutorials etc. and really liked the look of it. I've used this sampler a few times and love the colours; they're very pigmented and easy to apply and use and combine together. I'm very tempted to buy the full palette.
  2. Salon Tan Professional Wash Off Spray Tan (RRP: $19.99) - I used this for a night out last weekend and absolutely loved the result! It was easy to apply and evened out very nicely. For a wash off tan it takes a bit of scrubbing to get it off so if you're careful it could probably last another day. It was a warm night so I believe there were some inner elbow and maybe behind the knee patches, but nothing a quick touch up can't fix. I'm keen to look into the rest of their range as they're all the same price.
  3. BOE Beauty Nail Enamel in Ballet Shoes (RRP: $2.00) - (The link is for a different bottle shape) I haven't yet used this polish so I don't have a swatch photo or even an opinion but that's only because I'm not keen on the colour. I know it'll take a few coats to be opaque though but I'm in no rush to find out just because I have a bunch of other polishes the same colour.
  4. Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Eye Mask (Pack of 5 RRP: $24.00) - I wasn't exactly sure of this product, I'm not someone who uses products around my eyes, even though I probably should because I have horrible dark circles. So I was a bit indifferent towards this product until I tried it. It was very cooling. Emphasis on very because at one point I thought my eye bags were about to burn off. But it became very relaxing and I almost dozed off with these one. I think it's possible I worse them the wrong way though, I assumed the bigger bit of the product went under your eyes and not over your eyebrows but from pictures I've seen, the latter is how it's supposed to be worn, which makes no sense to me but oh well. I won't be buying this product though just because I don't use these types of products.
  5. Palmers Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil (RRP: 30ml $19.99) - I can't say I was very excited to get this little sample (which came in one of those very small tubes that are never easy to open without spillage), but only because I've already tried the whole oil skincare routine. I occasionally use Rosehip Oil whenever I remember I have it and for the first six months of this year I used the Oil Cleansing Method to wash my face everyday. Needless to say it wasn't for me despite how good oil is at fighting oil. I've tried to sample once and it smelt too strong for me, too much like macadamia, which isn't a bad thing but I wasn't loving it. I won't buy this product only because I already use a quite expensive oil.
  6. Compeed Blister Patch (Pack of 5 RRP: $12.95) - These are just patches that you apply over a blister to avoid it rubbing on your shoes all day. I currently have one on and I like them, they're quite thick, but not too thick that you can't put a shoe on. These will be good when I want to break in a new pair of shoes and can't be bothered dealing with blisters.
That's all for the review! I've rush this post a bit just because I know it's going up so late. I still enjoy making this monthly post, it's quite refreshing after always posting about nails. So I hope everyone is at least getting a good read out of them.

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