Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Inspired By... #12

Hello everyone!

I'm bringing my Inspired By... series back for this post as I couldn't come up with a creative name for this post as I have a lot of posts on dots. Today however, I'm inspired by another one of my phone cases, I think I've done three or four designs using inspiration from my phone cover and to be honest, that's partly why I buy the cases I do; for the inspiration!

I used a base of White On by Sally Hansen and the dots are E-nuf Is E-nuf by Essie and Turquoise Paradise by Maybelline Color Show

I absolutely love how this turned out, it looks exactly like the case.

And here are the nails against the case, how spot on are they?! 

I really enjoy this mani and I really enjoy doing spot on recreations of a pattern I've come across.

Hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for reading!

- Melissa.

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