Thursday, December 11, 2014

French Manicure / Fishtail Braid Style

Hey everyone!

Today I have a new design to show you all! I've seen a bunch of girls doing fishtail braid inspired nail art recently and thought that since I've only ever attempted this design once, I wanted to do it again. In my tutorial searching (to refresh my memory as it's a bit tricky), I came across this tutorial on a French manicure version of it.

The design is a lot more intricate than your standard fishtail design but I wanted to challenge myself, and oh my god, did I challenge myself. I think it took me almost two hours to do and afterwards my back was aching from bending over so much to get up close to my nails. It takes a lot of patience to do, trust me. The lady in the tutorial makes it look so damn easy, plus she used acrylic paint which always makes nail art easier so it seems.

I'm pretty proud of what I achieved even if the lines are messy and a bit uneven, it looks pretty cool though!

I used Butler Please - Essie, Mulberry - Ulta3 and Lily White - Ulta3.

I'll probably never do these nails again I think, they just took it out of me and now that I'm looking at them they don't look like they should have been difficult. But oh well, it's something new and different to what I usually do so that's good. I'm proud of myself!

Thank you for reading!

- Melissa.

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