Friday, December 19, 2014

OPI Sheer Tints Dotticure

Hi everybody!

I recently picked up the Sheer Tint Top Coats by OPI from a Catch Of The Day Sale. I had been eyeing these off ever since they were everywhere on Instagram and in the blogging world, but of course I wasn't going to pay full price for them because that's just way too much for four polishes. So I waited and as soon as I saw them on a COTD sale (thank you to my sister for notifying me of it) I had to get them! I'm happy I did, they're a really cool addition to my collection and something very different. Everyone knows I love watercolour designs so I can't wait to experiment further with these polishes!

For this mani I just did a simple dotticure. I didn't realise how stringy these polishes were though! It was crazy how much my fingers were covered in stringy polish while I was trying to dot it on my nails. I don't think I'll work with it like that again, as in blobbing the polish on paper and then taking the polish from that blob, it was all just a bit too messy.

Anyway, onto the mani! I used all four of the polishes for this one with a base colour of White On by Sally Hansen.

The more I look at them, the more I think that they look like I should have worn them to a baby shower. Definitely very pastel and soft! I like them though, I do wish the blue was a bit brighter though, it just seems a bit duller than the other colours.

That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed them and get ready for some more designs using these polishes in the coming weeks.

- Melissa.

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