Sunday, June 01, 2014

May Favourites

Hello there! Does anybody else think that May went by very quickly? Because it definitely feels that way to me. Today I've got a few new favourite things, but not a whole lot! Let's get to it.


I didn't do a whole lot of nail art this month because I was sick for the first half, but these three were my faves anyway!

Beauty:I tried out a few new products this month and thanks to Chemist Warehouse's annual half price cosmetics sale, I got a bunch of them quite cheap! (I'll do my best to link where I bought them from).
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: I got this in the shade ivory, which is the lightest one, and of course being so pale, it's still a little too dark for me. But when teamed with the right foundation shade and a good under eye setting powder (see next item) it does a good job of concealing my dark circles and brightening my eyes. I do use this to also cover up pimples but I don't use a lot.
  • E.L.F High Definition Undereye Setting Powder: I purchased this a few months ago from Kmart when they redid their make up section and I didn't love it at first because it's got small glitter specks in it and I didn't see a need for them. But then I got used to it and I thought 'who cares, glitter is amazing' and fell in love. It sets my concealer really nicely and sort of blurs out the lines and prevents creasing. If you're worried about the glitter, don't be. I always fear that someone will ask why I've got glitter under my eyes but so far no one has so I keep on wearing it, plus who cares haha.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder: I picked this up because I hadn't had a loose powder for a while and now I don't know why I ever went so long without one. I love loose powders! The one I got is in the shade 001 Transparent so it doesn't add any extra colour and sets dewy foundation really nicely. It's not cakey at all like I find some pressed powders to be so I'm very happy with this product!
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick: I needed a new foundation for going out/matching fake tan and I was going to repurchase the liquid form of this but it really doesn't go well with oily skin, so instead I picked up the stick in 120 - Classic Ivory. It's so damn easy to apply, which I love and it's very buildable without looking like too much because it leaves you with thin layers each time. It claims to be shine free, but anyone with seriously oily skin knows that's impossible for them. But I'm very pleased I picked the stick up and I'm considering getting the lightest shade for everyday use.
  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: I've already mentioned my love for this product in my bellabox review here so I won't go on about this. But it is definitely an amazing product and I hope that it never, ever runs out (even though I know it will).

  • My new phone! I recently updated from a slow iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5C and I love it. I chose the 5C because I like the design so much more, I hate the metallic sorta look that the 5S has going on. I never thought I'd be confessing my love for an iPhone considering I was an Android person for several years.
I think that is pretty much it for my May favourites! Not much else has wriggled it's way into my fave things and I've been sticking to my usual things more than trying a lot of new stuff. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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