Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maybelline Color Show - Sapphire Stitch (Brocades Collection)

Hello lovelies! Today I have a simple post for you on a new polish I recently picked up and immediately fell in love with: Sapphire Stitch by Maybelline. Before I get to the pictures, I just need to mention how confusing it is that Maybelline renamed this collection. Originally I picked up two colours from their Limited Editions Sequins collection and a few months later when I wanted a backup for Silver Gleam I found out they had renamed the collection. Now, I'm very pleased about this because they are all amazing glitters but I was just slightly confused and a little annoyed because now I have two silver glitters that are exactly the same but have two different names and I'm not sure what to call it anymore.

But anyway, onto the swatches! The other polish is Liberty - W7.

(Still can't get the whole 'holding the polish bottle' pose right!)

I got a new lightbox yesterday, an actual proper one that isn't handmade, and while I love it because it's big and easy to pack away, I dont think I love the lights that came with it. It was hard to edit these to get the right skin tone (I'm not as tan as the picture makes me look). But I must say the polish colours are pretty much spot on! As you can see, the polish has small purple circles and what I think are hexagons and tiny gold flecks that show up really well in real life. 

I enjoy this polish, it builds up very nicely with only two coats and no need for a base colour underneath. The base colour of the polish itself is a nice dark, almost black purple, which I absolutely love! So it's a really great polish and while I got this on sale for half price, it's only about four or five dollars normally, so it's a good purchase.

That's it for today, I'm now off to play around with my lighting and try get future pictures looking less warm tinged! 

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