Monday, June 30, 2014

Inspired By... #9

Hello lovelies! I'm back today with another Inspired By post. Once again, I am inspired by Candice of MrCandiiPants. I want to recreate so many of the designs and tutorials she does because she's incredibly talented and she makes them look so easy. This time I was inspired by this particular tutorial. It's a floral design using a stippling method with many different colours.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about these nails. Firstly, I suck so hard at painting leaves, some look okay-ish, while others are a total mess, and secondly, did I do them well enough to look like flowers? I have no idea, but they are nowhere near as good as Candice's. They look pretty cool though, I'd be interested to see how stippling over the whole nail would turn out; just doing a bunch of colours all over. I might have to try that out, even just for an accent nail or something.

Here's the list of colours I used (and for once I'm not being lazy even though there are a lot):
After School Boy Blazer - Essie (base colour, very nice dark and deep navy blue)
White On - Sally Hansen (base colour for the flowers)
Fun In The Gondola - Essie (light pink)
E-Nuf Is E-Nuf - Essie (dark pink)
Avenue Maintain - Essie (light blue)
Mellow Yellow - Sally Hansen (yellow, obviously)
Bright Me - Ulta3 (orange)
Sheer Peach - W7 (peachy colour on top of the yellow and orange)
Thanks A Windmillion - OPI
Mojito Madness - Essie
Don't Mess With OPI - OPI 
(The last three were mixed in various ways for the leaves)
And like usual, I top coated it with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri.

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