Tuesday, July 01, 2014

June Favourites

Hey everyone! I seriously cannot believe June is over. I swear I was only just writing my May favourites, and I know everyone says that all the time but I literally have no idea what I did with the month of June! But, here we are again and here are my favourites.


These were my favourite designs for the month! The first one is a crappy phone photo of a mani that never made it to the blog because of various reasons but I plan to recreate it in the future and photograph it before it chips etc.

I bought quite a lot of new polishes this month and because of that I think July will be a no-buy month (or at least I'll try). I haven't swatched or tried them all out, majority are still sitting on my untried shelf, but I know I wouldn't buy any polish that I didn't like. You can check out my instagram on the side of my blog to see the polishes I've bought!

Make Up: 

I bought a lot of make up this past month as well, some of my favourites were:
  • Chi Chi's Viva La Diva Lipstick in Hollywood Wannabe and Bring It On - both are matte finishes, which is my favourite finish in a lipstick, plus they're so pigmented! These are my first ever Chi Chi lipsticks and I'm already in love; I want a lot more.
  • e.l.f Cosmetics Studio Blush in Tickled Pink - I'm a sucker for blush and I had heard a few good things about the e.l.f blush so when they recently had a 40% off sale, I picked up a few products (most of which I haven't tried out yet) and had to get a new blush. It's very easy to apply and has a great colour pay-off even when you use a small amount.
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I had been on the hunt for a good brush that allowed me to buff my foundation into the skin as flat brushes weren't working. This was on sale when I got it so it was a few dollars cheaper, but it's worth it. I'm very happy with how my foundation sits on my skin now.
  • L'Oreal Base Magique Primer - You would have read about this in my bellabox review last week but I've since used it a few more times and I really love it. It's velvety finish really leaves a good base for my foundation and I've found my skin hasn't become too oily too quickly during the day when I wear this. I will definitely be buying this.


If you live in Australia, you would have heard about the skincare goody bag that Priceline had two weeks ago, well I picked one of them up and have found a few new favourites from either the bag or what I purchased to get the bag.
  • Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser - As I discovered very quickly, this product is quite drying so I only use this once or twice a week when my skin feels particularly gross or after a long day of wearing make up. It's such a good cleanser, it's very strong and cools your face which makes it feel really refreshing. It seems to do what it says it does, so I'm happy with that!
  • People For Plants Mist Toner - When my skin became particularly dry I used this to refresh and hydrate it. I had never used a mist toner before this and now I don't think I would ever go back to normal toners. It's quick and easy and doesn't make me feel like I'm just wiping all the toner away while applying it. Plus it smells great and is free of any nasty stuff.
I got so many products in the goody bag that I can't possibly try them all at once otherwise my skin will hate me even more, so I've slowly been going through them and finding new favourites but so far, the two above are the ones I've been using the most and the ones that have been the best.

This is only a small favourites post because even though I bought a lot, I haven't used them all because I always take my time with new products, so I hope you enjoyed this quick favourites for the month of June!

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