Monday, May 26, 2014

Inspired By... #7

Hello everyone! After a few uninspiring weeks, I'm back with a new 'Inspired By' post. This week, once again, I was inspired by Candice from MrCandiipants. Technically this isn't cheating by being inspired by the same thing because when I first recreated this look from her Simple Layered Stripes tutorial it wasn't a part of this series.

This time around though, I went with a coral base and layered pink, purple/blue and yellow stripes on top of it. Originally I was going to do a darker blue instead of the yellow, but the dark lilac colour I chose sort of came out as blue and it wouldn't have looked right if I had used another dark colour, so I went lighter.

I'm loving my new watermark by the way, it's not so bold and out of place and fits in nicely! I'm super glad I learnt how to do the curved text watermark in Gimp. Also I fixed the ridiculous amount of shine/reflection I would get in my photos, so now you can see the whole design!

The colours I used were:
Base: Coral Crush - Maybelline
Pink: Pink Peony - Ulta3
Yellow: Unicorn - Sinful Colors
Blue/Purple: Grapetini - Savvy

I was very happy with how these turned out and I'm really glad I went with the yellow instead of the dark blue, otherwise I think it would have been a big mess.


  1. These look beautiful -- I love the colors and the sort of distressed look of the stripes :)


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