Saturday, May 10, 2014

Textured Dotticure (Face Of Australia Carnivale Polishes)

Hello everyone! I was very busy the first half of the week and I'm now rundown with a cold or the flu so I haven't done any new designs because I lack the energy to even take off my very chipped mani from Monday. So while I'm spending the day in bed I thought I would edit some photos from the other week and post about them! I had planned to post these eventually, I just hadn't had the time to edit them and sit and write this post.

I did these nails a few weeks ago and I freakin' loved them to death! You should all know by now how much I love nail art with a white base as it makes the colours pop and stand out waaay more than if I had just painted them on my natural nail colour. 

I've done a similar design to this using one of the same polishes, but with purple dots instead of white. I used two of the Face of Australia - Carnivale textured polishes: Bird Of Paradise and Summer Lovin'. 

Dotticures are a classic design and always super quick and easy to do if you want something fun and simple. And something as bright as this is always quite eye catching and you'll get people oogling at your nails all throughout the day, trust me, when I had this design on my nails, the lady at the bakery near my work couldn't stop complimenting them while I was getting some food, she loved them!

Hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am! Speak to you all soon :)

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