Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dark Sponging Design

Hello everybody! Please ignore the fact that I haven't been posting for about two weeks. I was sick and working and I just had no energy to sit down and do my nails properly. But today I have a dark sponged type of design that's sort of a gradient, but not in the traditional way.

With this design, I painted the three colours on the square base of a triangle sponge and then dabbed it onto my nail, rotating the sponge with each new nail so that the colours were in different spots each time. I really like how it turned out! It was opaque in two coats which was nice and it was a very quick mani to do, so if you're short on time but want something fun, try this out.

I started with a white base like normal, so that the colours popped (even though they're dark). I did one coat of dabbing on each nail before doing a second coat to make sure they were dry and that the sponge didn't stick to them too much, which didn't turn out so well for the middle finger as it's a bit bumpy. I then top coated the design which left it very glossy, as you can tell from the ridiculous amount of shine/reflection on the nails. 

The colours I used were:
Devil's Advocate - Essie (darkest colour)
Teal - Savvy
Hot Spring - Ulta3

Once again, I had the worst time photographing and editing these but I think I've worked out my problem and because of that, I've ordered a proper light box through ebay, and I'm considering buying a simple digital camera instead of using what I think is an SLR camera, so hopefully things improve soon!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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