Saturday, August 02, 2014

Neon Splatter Nails + Tutorial

Hellooo! I'm on a roll this week in regards to nail art and it feels really good! I've been blogging for almost a year now and I finally feel like I've gotten the hang of it. There was a point where it felt like more of a chore than a hobby and there have always been a few absent weeks for me like when I lost my dog or had to work a lot more than normal but lately it feels amazing to be doing what I'm doing. And since I started making tutorials two weeks ago I've felt even more passionate about nail art. I also reached 500 followers on Instagram this week so I'm just feeling very appreciative of what the nail art community has done for me and how lovely it feels to be involved within it.

Anyway, onto the post. As you all know by now, I absolutely love splatter nails. I think they'll always be my favourite nail art design. So of course I had to film a tutorial for them. Splatter nails are quite an easy, albeit messy, design to do. All you need basically need is straw and polish. It's also handy to tape around your nails for an easier clean up. I can guarantee it'll be messy and a bit tedious to clean up, but the tape makes it a bit quicker regardless.

Sometimes I find that the polish can sort of plop onto the nail which causes a blob to form, whenever that happens I always gently dab at the area to lightly remove extra polish and make it look neater. I think this occurs because of the extra polish that collects around the outside of the straw, so occasionally I'll wipe the excess polish off on the bottle so it doesn't build up.

It's always very, very important (and probably obvious) that you don't inhale through the straw because you'll breathe in the polish fumes very strongly and that's definitely something you don't want to do!

Polishes used:
Nail Envy - OPI
White On - Sally Hansen
Fruit Tingle - Ulta3
Tahiti - Ulta3
Jelly - Ulta3
Citrus - Ulta3
Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat - Sally Hansen

Thanks for reading/watching!

PS I would absolutely love it if you checked out my best friend's food blog! I thought I would give her a little shout out just in case any of you are interested in some easy recipes for various types of yummy food!

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