Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish Swatches

Hello there, today I have some swatches for you! I've never done a post full of swatches before but I got quite a few new Maybelline polishes, so I thought I would share them with you all. I now understand why I've never done a swatch post before, it's hard work! I have so much more appreciation and respect for the girls who constantly do swatches.

The reason I decided to this post is because I also purchased the Maybelline Express Remover, which I'm sure everybody has heard about before. If you haven't, you should go out and buy one immediately. I always get lazy removing polish and a lot of the time I'll leave the house with only one hand painted because usually I only paint one hand when I blog. But the Express Remover is such a quick way to remove polish, you just dip your finger in the container, which has a sponge full of remover in it, and move your finger around for a few seconds and when you remove it, the polish is gone! I wondered what it'd be like with glitter polish and let me tell you, it was quite messy. It definitely removed the polish and majority of the glitter, but it also leaves you with bits of glitter over your fingers which takes a bit more effort to remove. But, despite that, it's still such a good product and I can't believe it took me this long to buy it.

The glitter top coats are all from the Street Artist collection, I think there are five polishes all together, but the Priceline I bought these from only had four and after researching around a bit I only saw four in the Australian range but overseas had five in theirs so I'm unsure if there really is a fifth in the Australian range or if Priceline just had a fifth space for no reason.

I didn't top coat any of these swatches. Also, please excuse the difference in colour of some of the photos, I promise the polishes are all true to colour despite it.

Peach Pie is a very sheer peachy creme polish. In real life it has a very delicate shimmer to it that I couldn't capture on camera. You know how beauty bloggers sometimes refer to a lipstick as My Lips But Better? Well to me, this polish is My Nails But Better. It's a lovely light colour that is very wearable and would be a good base for nail art. This is three coats with no top coat.

Boom Box Black is a neon green and black glitter top coat full of small and medium sized glitters. The below picture shows one coat and I think that's a pretty decent coat. It's packed full of glitters and I had no trouble getting them to spread and cover the nail in only one swipe. That applies to all the glitter top coats actually. I did dip my brush back in the bottle to fill in some spots and I definitely think a second coat would have been even better, but I quite like how effective it was with only one.

Cool Touch is a grey/blue creme that took three coats to be come full opaque. I absolutely love this one, it's gorgeous and I'm a sucker for a good grey polish. It's simple and bright and as they name suggests, very cool toned.

White Splatter is the only glitter in this collection that is different to the others as it has metallic flakes in it that range from blue to green to purple. It has a huge mix of sizes as well, as you can see below there are large, medium, small and even smaller glitters, as well as stripe glitter too. It's very interesting to say the least! This was only one coat.

Pink Boom is a bubblegum pink creme that looks good enough to eat. It's very bright and very candy-like. I'm not a massive fan of pink polish, I think it makes my nails and hands look old in real life, but I love it anyway and I'm sure I'll be using it in future nail art! This is three coats.

Alley Attitude is my favourite glitter of the collection. It's a neon blue and black glitter top coat that stands out so much. Blue is my favourite colour, so I knew I would love this one, but I didn't think I would love it as much as I do. Below is only one coat and just look at it! It's covered the nail very nicely without any patches. And this combo with Pink Boom is amazing. 

Babe It's Blue is the brother to Pink Boom in my opinion. They have the same bright finish and look like they should be the colours of lollies or something sweet. This polish was opqaue in only two coats and I think it's my new favourite blue. Also, how good is the name?! I love it.

Urban Vibe has the same sized glitter flakes as the others in black and orange. Just like with the others, this was only one coat and I think that's pretty good coverage. This isn't my favourite glitter as I don't think I'm a huge fan of the black and orange combination but maybe on a different base it would look better.

Purple Gem is a shimmery purple polish with what I think were tiny, tiny flecks of pink throughout it. It's a very nice colour and only took two coats to become opaque but just like with Pink Boom, I don't think it suits my skin tone and makes my hands look old in real life. I really do like this colour though and I'm going to find a way to wear it without hating how it makes my skin look.

That's all the swatches! It took a good few hours to do it all and my back hurts a bit from hunching over my nails but I'm happy with how they all turned out and I'm glad I've finally done a big swatch post. It's all worth in the end when the post comes together and maybe I'll do some more in the future when I get new polishes, no matter how old or new they might be in the nail world. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this!

Have a lovely weekend.

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