Monday, August 04, 2014

Layered Stripes, Half Moons, and French Tips

Happy Monday morning everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was full of nail art and catching up with True Blood.

Today I have something a little different to show you. I stepped slightly out of my comfort zone with this one as it's not something I've done a lot of before, in this combination anyway, and it doesn't have a white base which is definitely out of my comfort zone. This was one of those designs that got into my head and I had to do it straight away.

You've seen these stripes from me before in this post and this one so they definitely aren't a new thing on this blog, but I love doing them and it was fun to incorporate them into a new mani with some half moons and french tips.

The polishes I used were all by Ulta3.
Base: Earl Grey
Red: Cherrylicious
Purple: Lotsa Fun
Teal: Get Teal
Black: Black Satin

I have mixed feelings about these nails but I think I ultimately like them, they aren't perfect and I free handed the half moon and tips which I've never done before, but they're different so I think that's why I like them.

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