Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Holographic Gradient + Watermarble

It's been a while since I did a normal post that wasn't part of my Inspired By... series so I thought I would post a mani I did a week or two ago when I was feeling creative. I used two China Glaze holographic polishes called Not In This Galaxy and Sci-Fly By. These are the only China Glaze polishes I own but I definitely want some more, they were easy to use and the colours are great. The only mistake I made with this polish was being lazy with photographing them and therefore not getting a good shot in any sunlight, but it's still a great mani no matter how holographic it looks or not.

Gradients and watermarbles are my favourite combo to do together because even though you're using the same colours on the same white base, the payoff is different for each style. With the gradient it took a while to build up to the opaqueness you'll see in the photos and of course with the watermarble the colours are toned down because they're watered down. Some people might hate that, but for some reason I love it because it gives a different perspective of the colours in the one design!

Like I said, the photos aren't the best but they show of the mani well enough. I mean look at the difference between the blues, I just love it. My favourite thing to do when wearing holographic nail polish is shine my phone's torch on it and just stare at how pretty it is, does anyone else do that? Or is that just me?

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