Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspired by... Part One

I've decided to start my first series! Each Monday, for however long I follow through with this idea, I'll be posting nails that have been 'inspired by' something. This could be a range of things such as, other designs by nail artists - including tutorials, books, art, photographs, fashion etc, etc. I'm hoping this kicks me out of my comfort zone full of gradients and dotticures because I need to learn new techniques and get as much practice as I can.

First up, I have nails inspired by this tutorial from The Nailasaurus. I've seen her do these waterfall nails numerous times, yet I was never confident enough to try them out myself until I saw her video tutorial on them and saw just how simple it really is. I did realise though that my nails probably aren't the best shape for them as they aren't that wide. But I stuck to it and quickly did the design. I used colours that were already on my desk, so that was a lazy move, but I think they turned out okay. They aren't the best, but at least now I've done it once so I can only get better from this point.

I also chucked in a gradient for good measure, because I can never stop myself when it comes to gradients. It's not the best, but I didn't really take my time with this mani even though I should have. 

The colours I used were:
Bikini So Teeny - Essie
Misty Jade - Rimmel
Grapetini - Savvy
Metropolitan - L'Oreal

I hope everyone likes this new series and if you think of something I might be inspired by, let me know in the comments!

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