Friday, March 21, 2014

Teal and Purple Watercolour

Today I have some simple nails to show you and one of my favourite designs to do. This watercolour method uses acetone to dab the colour around on a base of white polish with a thick topcoat to protect it. It's so simple and easy to do and that's why I love it, you can use almost any colour combo and each time it still looks creative and fun. 

The two colours I used were both Essie, the teal is Go Overboard and the purple is Devil's Advocate. I love these colours, especially the latter because this technique shows how lovely the colour really is compared to when it's on my nails by itself as it becomes quite dark and very black-looking, but I still love it and it's a good polish to match with a vampy/dark make up look. I have a Rimmel lipstick that goes perfectly with it.

I feel like when I do nails like this, I always need to top with a matte topcoat as it completes the watercolour look and reminds me of actual watercolour paintings, which I guess is the point, but I don't even bother with a shiny topcoat when I do these nails.

Two posts in one week, look at me keeping up with my blogging! Hope everybody has a good weekend!


  1. These look great! I love this technique! And I love the colours you picked, they are gorgeous :)

  2. wow, it looks so great!:)


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