Friday, March 28, 2014

Simple Layered Stripes

Today I am showing you a nail design inspired by the latest tutorial from MrCandiiPants. Actually, it's not so much inspired as almost exactly the same as hers, but that wasn't on purpose. Anyway, Candice is one of my favourite nail artists and I always love everything she does because they're so simple and different, plus her tutorials are always fun to watch. 

This design is seriously one of the easiest things I've ever done. As you'll see if you check out the tutorial, you start with a base colour and choose three or so colours to lightly stripe on each nail. I wanted to do light colours and by a happy coincidence I happened to pick almost the exact same colours as Candice did, so you know it was a good combo. I also cut my longest striping bush to make it quite thin, which I had been meaning to do for ages, so this was a good push to trim my nail art brushes.

The colours I used were the following:
Base: Mint Julep - Savvy
Light Pink: Kiss on the Chic - OPI
Blue: Bikini So Teeny - Essie
Green: Misty Jade - Rimmel
Then I top-coated it with my fave one, Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat by Sally Hansen.

(Still having editing problems, just can't get the end result that I want in each photo.)

Hope everyone enjoyed these nails, expect some more variations of these and to see them in future skittlette manis, because I'm completely obsessed!

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