Wednesday, October 09, 2013

NOTD: Bamboo Shoot - Sally Hansen

Amongst nail art, I thought it might be good to occasionally do a nail of the day post to showcase some colours I wear by themselves or ones that I rarely use for nail art. I also might do it for new polish I buy, because I generally put at least one on as soon I get it. And that's what this is today!

I recently bought Bamboo Shoot because I needed a good nude colour and I love it. The polish did take three coats till it was opaque and it felt a bit thick because of that, but it applied nicely and I thought it'd take more than three coats anyway, so I was surprised when it didn't. I wore this for a few days before it chipped because I knocked my finger otherwise I would have kept it longer. 

I will hopefully have some nail art to show you very soon!

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