Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue and Pink Watercolour

Just a quick post today to show everyone my nails from the weekend. I went to a party and the dress I wore had two stand out colours, which were neon pink and a cobalt/royal blue. I struggled to stick to a plan because I had so many ideas. I was originally going to do a neon pink base, use striping tape and top it with a royal blue, but I decided I didn't have the patience for the tape so I went with the acetone watercolour design instead.

I used Daiquiri - Savvy by DB and Royal - Revlon with a base of MBSW - O.P.I

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  1. I like this Nails!! Good job! and I love your blog, I've already followed you

    xxx Julia

  2. I love the combination of blue/pink/purple, and the swirly watercolor look seems so beautiful and dreamy -- great job!

  3. i like the colours you used! its so lovely and bright. Revlon royal is such a pigmented shade :D


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