Saturday, November 22, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neon Collection

Hi everybody! I have an exciting post to share with you all today; swatches of a recent Maybelline Color Show collection, their Bleached Neon polishes. I accidentally came across these polishes during Priceline's recent 40% off cosmetics sale and was surprised to see a new collection because I haven't heard much about it yet. So I grabbed all four and went on my merry way. The idea behind these colours is that they're pastel neon shades, and the end results are some amazing polishes that I reckon would go with any skin tone or nail shape.

I absolutely love these polishes and I can't really fault them except for maybe how many coas the lighter colours take to become opaque enough but it's worth the extra coats! Let's get on to each colour.

Sun Flare: this colour is a very light peach shade that dries semi matte, which I love. This polish took four coats: one thin, one thick and then two thin coats to finish it off. I didn't add a top coat because I really liked the finish of it but it would look just as good very shiny, or very matte. This is probably my least favourite colour out of the bunch, but just because I love the others so much that this gets pushed to number four, not because I hate it or anything.

Chic Chartreuse: I don't own a lot of lime/neon greens or wear them a lot because I find they look funny against my skin tone, but this bleached out neon green polish is amazing. I absolutely love it and I think it'll quickly become my favourite green. It's the perfect shade of apple-ish green. This took about four coats though for decent opaqueness. 

Tropink: What a lovely shade of pink! It's such a candy pink colour and out of all four polishes, this one dries the shiniest, still slightly dull but not as much as the others. I'm also not a pink polish fan even though I continue buying them to try and convince myself I am. Like the green, they just don't go well with my skin tone, but this one does and as soon as I had finished applying the three coats I just looked at and instantly loved it. Can't get enough of it.

Coral Heat: This polish took three coats, like Tropink because it's a darker shade. It's very peachy, a lot more peachy than Sun Flare, and also dries semi-matte like the others. I love this colour as well, I can't fault it. I never thought I'd enjoy a strong peach colour as much as I do this one. I've been wearing it for a few days now since it was the last one I swatched and it's bright and eye catching.

So there we have the four Bleached Neon polishes from Maybelline Color Show. I am absolutely in love with this collection, the polishes are fun and bright and I love the idea of bleached neons; I actually wouldn't mind seeing other colours with this formula, maybe an electric blue or purple would be some good ones! Like I said above, I can't really fault them. There's nothing horrible about them and I'm very excited to use them in future nail art, so expect to see them in my next few designs!

Oh! I've just realised what the colours remind me of, a type of Skittles! I think it's the tropical version of them, where the colours are a bit muted just like these nail polishes. That's why this post I've been thinking my nails look good enough to eat every time I looked at one of the pictures. Does anyone else think they look like the tropical skittles? At least I think it's those ones! :)

Anyway, thank you reading, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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