Monday, November 17, 2014

White Dots / Glitter Accent

Hi everybody! It's been a week since I last posted but I'm back today with some nails I did recently. I did these nails over a week ago because last week I got my nails professionally done (just a simple french gel mani) for my sister's wedding over the weekend where I was the maid of honour. So these nails today are a filler until I take the gel off, which I may do this week because I'm not a massive fan of them.

This mani is just a simple blue dotticure using Blue Marlin by Ulta3 with a glitter accent by Moonstone Nail Polish called Star Queen Nebula from the September What's In-Die Box (which I never posted swatches of and I'm very disappointed in myself for but oh well, you'll eventually see them all when I use them in future manis). I believe the white dots were Lily White by Ulta3 also.

That's all for today! Hopefully I'll be back to normal nail art by the weekend if I can get this gel polish off safely without ruining my nails! Thanks for reading.

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