Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Blue/Purple/Pink Gradient under Watermarble

If you follow me on instagram you'll notice I posted this over the weekend. I was just too excited to wait to show everyone. I was inspired by this tutorial by Erinzi. I've seen her do this a few times recently and I'd always wanted to give it a go. There were a few mess ups, like on my index finger, but I really like how it came out and I think I'll definitely keep trying this because it's so simple and I never thought to use a not so opaque polish in watermarbling the way her tutorial shows.

I didn't really like the way the gradient came out and that's when I decided to follow Erinzi's tutorial.

I used Nail Bibs for my watermarbling, they make clean up so much easier and they're less hassle than using sticky tape. Plus they're reusable if put back onto their backing and treated well. You can find them here. They're cheap too and when I ordered mine the other month they arrived within about a week, which is super quick for international shipping.

I used three colours from the Miki Bright Nails collection I posted about in my haul and the black is Onyx Rush - Maybelline.

I'm hoping to get a few posts out in the next week, so look out for them!


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  2. These look gorgeous! I really want to try these out now :)

  3. These look so pretty! I love the bright colours underneath the watermarble :)
    I also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (I don't know if you've heard about this before?). You definitely don't have to participate if you don't want to, but I just wanted to let you know because I really like your designs :)

  4. That's so awesome! I love how watermable turned out, amazing! I think i'm the only one who can't do watermable:D


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