Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Summery Single Chevrons

Since it's Summer here in Australia, I thought I'd do a few designs relevant to the season, ones that are bright and colourful but still simple. Today's design is single chevrons, with some pastel colours sponged over the nail vinyls. This could also be a design to wear in Spring as well, but since it's Summer, we're going with that today.

The white base is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors (as always) and the four colours are from Sally Hansen: Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself, and Bubblegum Pink.

I absolutely love this one! Pastel designs always look pretty good and I think the design goes really well with the length of my nails because I could fit that extra vinyl in at the tip. I also topped it with Sally Hansen's Big Matte Top Coat again because it's so good!

Thanks for reading!

- Melissa.

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