Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Strawberry Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

New year, new products to review! Born Pretty Store kindly sent me these cute strawberry decals recently and I've been wearing them on my nails for a good week now. I've posted a bunch of times about water decals and as always, these were simple to use and easy to apply. The only time I struggled a bit was with the very small strawberry in the middle of my index finger because it was quite tiny and hard to grip properly with the tweezers, but as you can see I got there in the end.

I had no real plan when applying these, I just wanted to use all the different sizes and styles of decals that were on the sheet. I will admit I don't love the strip of strawberries that the decal offers that are on my middle finger. Maybe I could have utilised them differently or applied them on the length of my nail instead of the width but I just don't love that nail. The heart one of my ring finger is pretty cute though and so are the little bunches on my other nails. 

Overall I don't love these decals as much as I've loved some previous ones. Looking at the link above where you can purchase them from, I wish I had chosen the sheet with all different kinds of fruits on them. I think that would've been a lot more fun and something I would probably use beyond this review as well. Might have to purchase those ones!

Ultimately, just like other water decals, they're easy to use if you want simple nail art that people will still comment on and even question if you did them yourself. And you can definitely mix it up and wear them with other colours or patterns or just as an accent. The heart would be pretty cute with a Valentine's Day design actually!

Don't forget I have a code MEPUK31 if you want 10% off at checkout on the Born Pretty Store website!

- Melissa.

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