Sunday, November 08, 2015

Swirled Nail Art w/ Black Accents

Recently I've been wanting to do borders around my nail art but haven't had the right design that I thought would look good with it. So the other day I did some swirled/marble nail art using cut up sandwich bags and thought it'd be perfect to do some black borders around it!

I used Orange Fix, Chic Chartreuse, and Fuchsia Petal all by Maybelline Color Show. I smooshed all of those colours together with cut up bits of a sandwich bag and I really love how it turned out! The green comes across as more of a yellow when mixed with the other colours, but that's okay.

I then went in with Black Satin by Ulta3 and carefully did some borders around each nail, and then thought it'd look even better with a line down the middle of the nail. Not sure which ended up better but I only took photos of the end result and everyone who saw my nails while I was wearing them absolutely loved them!

I think it looks really cool and makes it even more eye-catching! I topped it with Revlon's Matte Top Coat but it didn't make them completely matte, only dulled them down a bit so I think I might need a new matte top coat!

- Melissa.

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