Sunday, May 31, 2015

Metal Pattern Water Decals - Born Pretty Store Review

*This product was sent to me for review, all opinions are my own

Hi everyone! I have another review of a Born Pretty Store product. This time round it's full sized water decals in a metal type design. I chose these because I wanted to try out a full nail decal and water decals are the easiest to use and reshape to a nail, I also thought the pattern wasn't something I'd normally go for so I went out of my comfort zone a bit with this choice.

For $2.49AUD you get one sheet of fourteen decals with seven different sizes, but even if those sizes aren't right for your nails you can easily use remover or acetone once they've been applied, to shape them to your nail size because they're thin and have no sticker or foil backing.

These decals are pretty cool and with a top coat they last as long as you want them to pretty much. You've just got to be a little careful when applying them and smoothing out the bumps because they can easily tear when they're still a little damp and stuck down. My favourite pattern is definitely the silver one, I'd wear that one again for sure.

Definitely will consider purchasing some of the other patterns that these come in and if you do too then don't forget to use my 10% off discount code MEPUK31 at the checkout!

- Melissa.

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