Monday, January 13, 2014

Mix 'N Match Mani

NOTE: I'm not sure what you call these types of designs, 'Mix 'N Match'? 'Skittlette'? 'Skittle'? I've seen a few variations of the name but let's go with all of them until I decide on a name I want to use in the future.

I went to two bridal expos on Sunday because my sister is getting married this year and I'm her maid of honour. I did my nails the day before just because I wanted something on them and when I finished them I sort of thought they looked very bridal shower-y or even baby shower-y. It wasn't my intention, I just wanted a nice soft themed mani. I went a bit out of my comfort zone with these, because I'm not big on everything being all different and I don't know whether I pulled it off, but I think I'd be more likely to do another skittlette in the future now that I've done at least one.

Colours used from L to R (starting at index):
Bubblegum Pink - Sally Hansen
White On - Sally Hansen
Bond With Whomever - Essie
Heart of Glass - Face of Australia
Bikini So Teeny - Essie 

I don't think I'll have another mani until the weekend because it's going to be so hot this week in Melbourne and I do my nails in my bedroom which gets way too warm and stuffy in summer so it won't be comfortable at all.


  1. Lovely design! I am so jealous about the weather ;)

  2. These look beautiful! I usually call them skittlettes/skittles but anything works, haha :) All the designs fit together really well, I love the one on your pinky especially!


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