Monday, January 27, 2014

Glitter and Leopard Print

I went to a cat themed 21st over the weekend so it was obvious that my mani for the night would be leopard print. I was originally going to do leopard print on every nail in the generic colours but once I began I hated it so instead I did the following design, chucking in a glitter nail as well. I absolutely love this, the purple is one of my fave polishes ever and I don't want to take the mani off because I enjoy it so much.

(Only one photo this week because I took them in a rush before I headed out and this was the only one that turned out decently.)

The colours I used are:
Grapetini - Savvy
White On - Sally Hansen 
Black Out - Sally Hansen
Silver Gleam - Maybelline Color Show

Once again, I need to apologise for my absence, I'm trying my best to get motivated to do my nails. But when I do nails like these that I absolutely love, I remember why I do what I do and then various people give me compliments and say they're always looking to see what I'll do next and it just makes me feel really proud of myself. So thank you to everyone who supports me, I'll try to get some more designs done in the next few weeks!

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  1. That is one gorgeous shade of purple! Going on my wishlist right now :) I love the combination of the purple, glitter and leopard print!


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